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World War Z 2013 Eng [DVDRip] XViD Torrent Download

World War Z (2013)

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Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Director: Marc Forster
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz

Torrent details: DVD Rip, Dual Audio, English sub

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World War Z torrent

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UN chief Gerry travels the world on track for a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening humanity destroyed itself.
The story of how World War Z made a lot of suffering and suspenseful film itself. After way over budget and a complete restructuring of the layers and reshoot the final act, WWZ is not exactly set up for success. Finally this film is totally forgettable and uneven, but not offensively bad or terrible goal for every situation. What struck me about it was how much wasted space, considering how interesting and entertaining source material is.Having read World War Z, I know from the trailer that this movie would not really be a faithful adaptation. I think that the most interesting aspect of this book is the exploration of how the zombie plague affects the social and political structures throughout the world. Something like that is completely ignored in the film, but I can at least understand how the filmmakers think that these issues will not work on a feature length film. What I can not understand is how the filmmakers seem to be ignored much an open book movie content. book has a lot of set-piece action scenes, and to be fair, many of these involve the city in the world fall for fleas zombie movies do not make enough to cover this. However, the biggest battle scenes book - War of the titular zombie meat, such as the Battle of Yonkers, a nuclear war between Pakistan and Iran, the Chinese civil war and fight zombies major concern - is completely absent. I was very surprised that they did not cover it, especially the scene Yonkers, because obviously would fit well in the film and the script, even if it is, can be easily tweaked to include or at least mention them. measures that do not make it into this movie very unsatisfactory and unclear due to constraints of self-PG-13, and notes around is not interesting enough to really make me invested in it.I also surprised by how cheap this movie looks. This movie cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make, but it is difficult to see where it all goes on the screen. Crowd of zombies look very fake and not threatening, and in some cases individual zombie computer animation, which gave me a bad flashback of the excessive CGI I Legends. In addition to submitting the action scenes in Philadelphia and center in Jerusalem, there is a large outdoor set. Air base in South Korea is described as a series of dark rooms, many films take place in an airplane seat, there are a lot of sitting around in the mother ship, etc. to scale very inconsistent, and this is emphasized in the final is very significant, a clear direction of reshoots popularity because it like a completely different movie. I consider myself a patient observer, but this area for a very long and tedious already started to take me from time to time, and patience under the number of viewers finally fallen completely out of sync with the movie and started making fun of him in every opportunity - not really the opposition right from the movie, but the real problem when it can not attract the attention of the audience. Last action does not really have an interesting idea at its core, at least one that did not really connect with anything in the book, but I just do not think it is a concept that is executed. a very different style and tone of this scene makes you feel like a totally different movie.Again, when there is nothing all that bad about WWZ, I do not think it is something to get excited about. In other words, a perfect 5/10 movies. I wish they were more aware of the source material requirements substantially better because not many films of books, WWZ (film) and WWZ (book) only share the name and the main premise of the zombie plague, which is not an original idea in itself.

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